Inspired by the Paris Review

“Did you ever see a house move? If you have not, you have missed a very funny sight.”

A very funny, crazy sight indeed.

Apologies for my absence lately. It’s been a busy time, but then I suppose it always is…

Recently my life has been consumed with a world’s worth of hustle and bustle. No different to your’s, I’m sure. But all the stress is dying down now and I’m starting fresh:

New house – new office – new drive to write.

This year Kelsey Writes is set to bring you a whole lot of new material: a weekly blog, regular updates and reading material. I’ll even be launching special deals and offers from a range of social media platforms.

It’s all happening here. So watch this space and follow me on all the social media sites you can (visit the “Home” and “About” tabs for links to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr pages). Prepare your glasses; desks; lounge chairs; put the kettle on; or do whatever it is you need to read with. I’ll bring you words in just a short moment.

Don’t forget to contact me with all of your writing needs; projects big or small. I love seeing what you are up to and I’m never too busy to help out!

Much love.