Blog Post: Writing Alone, Together

My job is sometimes lonely but, in that, I know I’m not alone. As a writer you often run the risk of losing yourself to your thoughts – getting lost in your work and forgetting about the outside world. In doing so, your work thrives, but your life can suffer. So what can you do? Surround yourself with those who get it.

Today, in my reading, I stumbled across this article by Bonnie Tsui.
It’s an honest account of some of the issues I struggle with all the time – reading it I felt that maybe I might’ve even written it (if only!!).
Working from home can be tough; it’s a 24/7 job and you do feel isolated at times. Like you have no time off, even though you always seem to be pacing the spaces between the rooms in your house. For me. personally, it feels like I’m in a constant battle with the dishes, cleaning and actually staying at my desk and getting words on the page. I try my best, but I can’t help feeling guilty about not doing chores – I’m technically home, so isn’t that what I’m expected to be doing?!

Luckily, for me, I live with another writer and a bunch of very understanding people. People who know I’m meant to be locked away at certain; who look genuinely afraid when they have to interrupt me to ask a question, but who are always there to chat and distract me when I really need a break. That’s why, sometimes, I think I could always do this – work alone, tucked away at home. But then there are articles like this. Words of wisdom from other writers discussing my fears, my quirks and my dreams.

One day I will work alone, together, but I’m not sure when and I’m not sure where. For now, I’ll stick to reading about it. To feeling the connection I can make with other writers just by absorbing their words. With such raw, truthful words like the ones below, can you really blame me?

I still think talking about writing before you actually do it is a bit like taking your clothes off. But I suppose I’m less afraid of people seeing me naked – Bonnie Tsui.

Soon, I’ll get there!